Employee Experience: The New Battleground

David Le Strat & Jeroen Van Rotterdam
By: David Le Strat & Jeroen Van Rotterdam

Over the last 10 years, efforts to modernize legacy applications to support an on-the-go workforce have driven heavy investment in SaaS and mobile solutions. In an effort to make work more simple and efficient, businesses have invested in technologies to streamline and automate everything from finance and procurement to human resources, sales and marketing.

Taken individually, these investments have made specific tasks and functions easier. But as a whole, they have fallen short of expectations and created a whole new set of problems. Companies have too many productivity tools in place. And employees are unsure which one is the right tool for the task.  Additionally, legacy data repositories combined with document cloud storage has created data sprawl, making it difficult for people to find the data they need to do their jobs. As a result, both adoption and productivity are lagging.

Rethink the Employee Experience

Now is a great time to solve these problems by breaking down application silos and simplifying application workflows to redefine the employee experience and the way people work.

C-Level executives are onboard with the strategy. According to a 2018 Gartner CEO survey, focusing on the workforce is the fastest-growing priority for CEOs and, employee and talent issues are the top internal constraint to growth.

Create an Intelligent Workspace

And the fastest way to tackle these issues is by creating intelligent digital workspaces that give your employees a central place to securely access their applications, desktops, and content on any device across web, mobile and desktop. With an intelligent workspace, you can:

  • Put people at the center and fetch the right information from the right place to help them get work done.
  • Integrate deeply with business applications and leverage machine learning to guide employees through their work.
  • Break down business processes into simple tasks and simplify interactions with enterprise applications.
  • Embrace and tightly integrate with team collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and new modes of interactions like voice to fuel greater collaboration.

The result? Happier, more productive employees. With the right digital workspace solutions in place, you can improve employee satisfaction and productivity.

Pick the Right Horse

So what does the “right” solution look like?

  • First, it should consolidate access to tools, activities and tasks in a simple and unified work feed that can easily be delivered on mobile, desktop or integrated with the collaboration tools your employees prefer to use like email, Slack or Microsoft Teams.
  • Second, it should go beyond organizing work and help you to automate and optimize it by automatically:

o    Prioritizing important tasks and contextual actions employees need to complete.

o    Delivering insights about on-going projects in context so users can quickly and efficiently do their work.

  • And last, but not least, it must easily integrate with the enterprise applications you use to drive key functions through pre-defined APIs and micro-apps to minimize work on your part.

Enable the Future of Work Today

The opportunity has never been better to produce a flexible, intelligent, secure way for people to do their jobs. The technology exists. And in embracing it, you can blaze the trail of the future of work and position your employees – and your company – for success.


About Authors:
David Le Strat, Vice President, Product Management, Citrix: David Le Strat is vice president of product management, with responsibility for delivering innovative and market leading product lines that enable collaboration across multiple clouds and storage systems and simplify workflows and approval processes.

Jeroen Van Rotterdam is an Executive Vice President of Engineering, Citrix with responsibility for development as well as delivery of Citrix flagship products for secure delivery of apps & data – anytime, anywhere – on any of the device or network. Harnessing the innovation power of the company's global engineering workforce, he leads R&D across all software and hardware products and solutions for apps, data, cloud and networking.