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Sheila Benson
Sheila Benson, CEO

Employment Screening Services

“Sheila set and accomplished goals she did not know were even possible and as a result, stands today as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit.”

As a successful business owner in the title insurance industry, Sheila Benson was frustrated with the lack of consistency in the services and reporting capabilities of the background screening companies she encountered. After realizing her fellow business leaders had the same negative experiences, Sheila seized the opportunity and founded Employment Screening Services in 1994. Utilizing her research experience and knowledge of government records, she developed advanced, legally compliant systems and paired them with personalized, highly responsive service. Sheila later recruited industry experts to her team, provided comprehensive educational training, and introduced innovative products to help reduce the business risk of her clients. Twenty-five years later, ESS has grown to serve clients in all 50 states, all industries, and consistently receives industry recognition as one of the top background screening providers in the nation.

According to Sheila, one of the biggest challenges that HR professionals face is the wide variety of technology applications that they must use each day. Toggling between systems, duplicate data entry, and having to master different workflows can significantly slow the onboarding process. Alabama based Employment Screening Services (ESS), ensure that their screening technology is intuitive and easily accessible.

Requiring very little setup time or training, the clients can begin ordering through the ESS platform almost immediately. Fully web- and mobile-enabled, it can also be used from any network or device.

Additionally, ESS’ core platform seamlessly integrates with Human Capital Management (HCM) or Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), with most implemented in 30 days or less. The company partners with the top companies in the HR Technology space to deliver the best solutions and services to their clients, helping drive both cost and time efficiencies. As a company, ESS is constantly looking for FCRA-compliant information sources that will help their client build a comprehensive profile of their potential employees and of their current workforce. Effective background screening programs are the perfect balance of accuracy and speed, which is why ESS offers more than smart technology, but also personalized service from a highly trained team of research and industry professionals.

Sheila understood that every business has a unique risk profile, which is why instead of only offering standard background search packages, they take a personal approach with each of their clients. ESS works with the clients to help their HR teams craft, implement, and manage an effective background screening program. Using robust technology and innovative products, ESS experts assist in packaging the right searches and services for a comprehensive background screening solution that meets their compliance, safety, and budgetary needs.

In an instance, a large university had an entire staff of people overseeing compliance tracking for their health science programs, alongside they were looking at hiring two additional staff members dedicated to tracking credentials, vaccinations, and immunization records for their students. After implementing ESS’s ESSentials Compliance Tracking program, the client was able to streamline their health science department. Staff members no longer spend hours each day tracking down student documents and following up on missing items, expiring credentials, and more.

As a steadfast leader, Sheila’s success is due to her determination, perseverance, and pure will. She set and accomplished goals she did not know were even possible and as a result, stands today as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit. Her goal has always been to set the bar high and continually raise it. Sheila believes in building a reliable support system and attributes her success to recognizing and cultivating the talent around her. Her leadership abilities have allowed her to develop strong performers, who in turn have helped ESS achieve exponential growth.