Manage Competency Level of the Workforce

Jai Shah
Jai Shah, CEO, Co-founder

Kahuna Worforce Solutions

“A fit-for-purpose platform, Kahuna bridges the gap between core human resources processes and operational development to satisfy the most rigorous requirements for competency assurance and competency development.”

Incorporated in 2014, Kahuna has rapidly become a preeminent provider of competency management software. They are intent on offering intuitive, robust solutions for managing the competency levels of the workforce — conserving time and money, improving regulatory compliance, and ensuring processes run smoothly and efficiently. Their mission is to shape the workforce of tomorrow by empowering businesses and their people with relevant, data-driven insights that enable a competitive and skilled workforce.

Kahuna is spurring a competency-centric approach to talent management and improvement by offering solutions that allow companies to close experiences gaps and place the right worker in the right job at the correct time – one hundred percent of the time.

Kahuna is the only cloud-based solution designed to be utilized by the people in charge of day-to-day actions within heavily regulated industries — built entirely with acquiescence and workforce development in mind. This means the people who commit and assess competencies and certifications can now pursue and manage performance and skillsets in the path that most promotes compliance and adjusts with how they do their jobs.

Simply put, Kahuna guarantees the right worker is located in the right job at the right time for safe, smooth, and successful methods. When it comes to competency administration, most applications demand users to choose between an assurance model or an employee enhancement model. The company believes these methods are too essential to compromise one for the other.

Jai Shah is the CEO and Co-founder of Kahuna, and has a thriving 20+ year track record, applying technology to ultimately connect human resources to real-world problems with a singular focus on organizational development. Among his prosperous customers are several Fortune 500 corporations.

A fit-for-purpose platform, Kahuna connects the gap between core human resources processes and operational improvement to satisfy the most rigorous requirements for competency support and competency development. Building a foundation for success, the company accommodates in creating value by documenting and standardizing all the competency management actions being taken by an organization into a single, flexible framework. It offers an agile SaaS technology platform that gives access to your customized application via a secure website and views real-time talent data for improved decision making and workforce planning. The platform also helps in removing duplicative administrative processes and drive automation with best-in-class cloud-to-cloud integration.

It offers comprehensive support and front-end domain expertise round-the-clock, global support by agents that know your business, process, and configuration. Kahuna combines the process of managing, assigning, and assessing technical and functional competencies within your development and learning strategy to help employees, managers and executives make smart decisions around gap closure plans, employee growth, building the right teams for the right jobs and answers the question “does our workforce give us a competitive advantage in the marketplace”?

With a deep data model centered around competency roles and profiles, Kahuna allows for flexible differentiations that fit the needs of any business. Whether organizations need development in an area to fulfill a competency requirement for a new role, automatically or manually assign competencies based on location or business units, or analyze the competency of their workforce to bid on a project, Kahuna helps them meet their needs. “Kahuna is an extension of our current competency management approach enhancing the overall process, delivery and management of assurance and development,” says Walter Davis, Head of Talent and Learning Applications, Aggreko.