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Patricia Palmer
Patricia Palmer, President & CEO

PDS“PDS Vista is the complete HCM software solution for organizations with employees in the U.S. and/or Canada.”

.. plagued with three main challenges: security, accessibility and attracting and retaining talent. Pennsylvania-based PDS offers Vista, a complete Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution with a robust security model that enables users to manage and control sensitive data and keep it secure. While ensuring the data is kept secure, PDS has designed Vista to provide the right level of accessibility to data to ensure that the right people have access to appropriate information. The Vista HCM solution also provides a Recruiting tool that helps brand the user’s organization to attract talent that will help it fulfill its goals—while providing employee engagement tools aimed at improving communications, helping employees feel more connected, and also increasing productivity.

Spearheading the company, Pat Palmer, President and CEO of PDS, has decades of experience in the HCM industry and in-depth knowledge of leveraging the newest technologies to fulfill the needs of PDS’ customers. Hence, the company has always had a focus to provide the most innovative software solution to address the needs of HR and payroll departments. As the market demands have changed and technologies have advanced, PDS has continued to enhance its solution based on its solid, integrated infrastructure of recruiting, HR, benefits, and payroll modules at its core.

With the proven expertise and years of experience of the PDS team, the suite of Vista solutions has transitioned to provide customers with the features and functionality that are leading-edge at the time.

Knowing that employee data is at the heart of an organization’s knowledge, Vista Human Resources unleashes the power to make that data strategic. The system enables users to create and maintain an organized database of employees, applicants, jobs, and positions. It provides information at the users’ fingertips. In addition to helping record and maintain data, it also provides the ability to easily produce government-mandated reports.

Meanwhile, Vista Benefits provides complete automation of benefits administration from eligibility to enrollment to employee benefits statements. It provides the means to configure eligibility rules, costs for benefit options, as well as the calculations for plan valuations. Once these parameters have been set up, Vista automates customer’s benefit housekeeping by automatically activating or deactivating eligible employee plans, calculating premium changes and automatically setting up deductions. This automation ensures accuracy by removing the human element of maintenance.

On the other hand, the Vista Payroll component provides the capability to run an organization’s payroll in-house or in the cloud, using the power of Vista’s proven payroll engine. It’s focused on its main tasks of calculating pay, creating paychecks, producing payroll registers and federal, state, local and provincial tax reports. Vista’s comprehensive functions automate special requirements for manual checks, check reversal, relocation expenses, mid-pay period pay increases, retroactive pay increases, wage attachments and labor charge overrides.

PDS Vista is the complete HCM software solution for organizations with employees in the U.S. and/or Canada. The full suite of software includes human resources, benefits, payroll, recruiting, analytics, time and attendance, self-service, workflow, and extensive reporting, bringing together the pieces to simplify the business practices and processes of PDS customers. In an instance, one of PDS’ customers, Lezzer Lumber, moved from their on-premise version to the Vista Cloud solution. They shared how PDS assisted in delivering results towards their strategic plan by allowing PDS to better manage product updates, provide a more secure environment, and offer a more convenient and cost-effective HCM solution.

For the days to come, PDS is working towards offering new features and technologies, alongside finalizing their latest release to include enhanced employee engagement features; advanced SMS messaging to enable employees to improve communications and more easily interact and engage; and enhanced recruitment and onboarding features.