Unique Strategic Execution System



Marc Daniels
Marc Daniels, CEO


The ResultsBI Strategic Execution creates a living document designed to be shared, reviewed, and ultimately create employee accountability.”

People today are hyper-informed, and they think that a manager’s personal opinion about their “attendance” or “attitude” has nothing to do with building a successful company. Prosperous companies manage everyone as if they were A-Players, and by doing so, they create a culture of excellence. There’s only one way to accomplish this, and that is through strategic execution. The ResultsBI platform is specifically designed to do this. Their Strategic Execution system replaces the periodic performance review with a continuous stream of input letting the employee know that the work they are doing is advancing the company towards its strategic objectives.

Results started as a global consulting company. The first version of the application helped clients digitize and automate their Strategic Planning process. Over time, they added functionality that mapped an employee’s key performance indicators and projects to strategic initiatives. They went on to add extremely innovative meetings component into the platform, creating a complete strategic execution platform.

According to Marc Daniels, CEO of ResultsBI, Strategic Execution begins by putting together strategic plans.

“Our Strategic Plan application provides a guided onboarding process with instructional videos that walk you through a proper strategic planning process,” says Marc. “Whether you are doing this with or without a business coach the ResultsBI Strategic Execution creates a living document designed to be shared, reviewed, and ultimately create employee accountability.” Unlike other expensive solutions they provide the Strategic Plan as a stand-alone application to enable startups who want to succeed through strategic execution and to empower existing companies that want to review and adjust their strategy on a quarterly basis.

The company’s application has three built-in features; one is specific to EOS, or the Entrepreneurial Operating System developed by Gino Wickman. Another is specific to Verne Harnish’s methods, which he first articulated in Mastering The Rockefeller Habits and then expanded upon in Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It and Why the Rest Don’t. The third methodology built into the strategic planning platform is its own method that enables people who do not know what strategic planning is to become experts at strategic planning and to develop a useful, actionable strategic plan for their business specifically. “We also do a great job of addressing the strategic execution system outlined in a 3HAG WAY by Shannon Byrne Susko,” says Marc.

In an instance, Revenue Automation, a full-service digital marketing agency known for its exceptional customer service after opting, using, and discarding various solutions present in the market turned to Results BI. The client wanted a big picture of how their company is performing and aligning the details behind project completion, resource allocation, revenue and financial performance to the company’s strategic objectives. Results BI gave the client a complete picture of all their business activities, incorporated API’s to pull in live data, and offered centralizing data and activities. Since, the implementation, status meetings have become more efficient and streamlined without any hassle.

ResultsBI also offers a live direct integration to third-party systems to bring data from other platforms enabling users to pull metrics from things like their CRM, CMS, marketing, accounting and other platforms directly into your strategic plan. The company is presently dedicating their development resources towards the strategic plan—since they pulled the strategic plan out of the platform and are basically giving it away—they have had a tremendous response, and dealing with that has been their main priority. “We’re gathering intelligence about real-world strategic execution that no other company has. And we’re using all of it design the best, simplest, and most effective management platform in the world,” adds Marc.

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